Why Does Snapchat Have Quick Add Feature When I Don’t Have a Phone Number Linked?

The quick add feature on Snapchat has caused quite a bit of confusion over the last several months. When it was first released everyone was freaking out trying to figure out if they were showing up on friends of friends Snapchat Quick Add section. Now, we have learned that some Snapchat users that have not linked or set up their phone number are seeing the Snapchat Quick Add feature.

Why would this be the case? If you don’t have a phone number linked and you have a private account, why is there a quick add feature. Many people that have fake, hidden or sexy Snapchat accounts don’t want anyone to know who they are yet there is a Quick Add feature showing other users. Does this mean they are showing up for other users as well?

The answer is likely no. If you are seeing a Quick Add feature it is because you have added other Snapchat users and Snapchat is showing you their friends. If you want to keep your account hidden or secret you can simply ignore these Quick Add users. If you start to add more users there is a chance your secret account is going to start showing up for other people to see unless you block the Quick Add feature.

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