My Real Thoughts on the Disappearance of Snapchat’s Top 3

21st century teenagers and young adults are being plagued by a very guilty pleasure. This guilty pleasure is the Snapchat best friends feature, and it has suddenly been stolen from them. This article is a candid reaction from a millennial brave enough to expose her true thoughts and feelings on the sudden disappearance of a feature she deems integral to the Snapchat experience.

Snapchat is one of those applications that means nothing but something at the same time. Snapchatting is the perfect way to reach out to someone without having to actually commit to engaging the other person via texting or in person. Snapchat is also the perfect way to: remind those around you how good you look that day, show people what they’re missing when they aren’t speaking to you, and show people where you are in the hope that maybe that special someone will show up. Snapchat is also a great icebreaker. If you want to start talking to someone, Snapchatting them at first can feel like the easiest way to go about reaching out.

The Snapchat best friends feature was a feature that allowed the user to scroll through his/her friends list and view the three people each friend was Snapchatting the most. I am the first to argue that this feature was beyond insightful for those of us who didn’t have the desire to pry into the lives of those around us, but still wanted to be in the know.


Notice the Best Friend Feature has been removed.

Being on someone’s Snapchat best friend list can allude to a few different things. It can simply mean that you enjoy engaging someone else who is attractive via selfies and photos. This could mean that you are communicating with this person frequently, and like photos to supplement your conversations. Or it could mean you are simply sending each other photos with no further meaning, which isn’t exactly intuitive, but seems to happen nonetheless.

The best friends feature can be insightful, or it can be misleading. If you are someone who rarely Snapchats, sending or answering one snap can be enough to put someone on your best friends list. I have had this happen before, so I can attest that the top friends feature can be misleading to those around you. I have taken a break from using Snapchat, randomly answered a snap someone has sent, and had someone I hardly talk to/know on my best friends list.

I think this only adds to the excitement of seeing who is Snapchatting one another. It’s like a guessing game. Are these people actually communicating? Or do they hardly Snapchat? Are they in the initial stages of communication? The Snapchat best friends feature gives you a direct look into who is communicating with who, and it is up to your discretion to decide how legitimate or random the communication is.

Seeing people’s best friends on Snapchat even makes viewing normal bar interactions that much more interesting. If you see a guy friend Snapchatting a girl you know, and then you see them out talking at the bar, suddenly their interactions don’t seem so innocent. Snapchat lets you create an entire world of who is talking to who, regardless of its truth, that ultimately spices up life a little bit.

My favorite part about this feature is how much Millennials claim that they don’t care and don’t look at the Snapchat top friends feature. Because Snapchat isn’t as valid as texting or hanging out in person, many claim they hardly pay attention to their best friends list. If this were the case, why have I had friends beg me to Snapchat them excessively in order to get someone who ‘shouldn’t be there’ off of their friends list? Why have I gotten into arguments with significant others over who has been on my best friends list? Why do I love going through and seeing who is on everyone’s best friend list right before I go to bed? I may like Snapchat a little more than some, but I can’t be completely unique here.

Snapchat might be a guilty pleasure, but the best friends list was indeed a pleasure. Snapchat removed this feature a few weeks ago, to my horror, and the app has not had the same appeal for me since. I find myself hardly checking it. I also find that my knowledge of my social surroundings seems to be declining. I have far fewer theories, and watching bar interactions just doesn’t have the same effect when you can’t check up and affirm whether communication lives outside the realm of intoxication.

What I find the worst about the best friends list disappearance is everyone’s supposed ‘relief.’ Yes, it can be slightly uncomfortable when you are dating someone and your other two top friends are guys you run into at the bar. But the beauty of Snapchat is that you can shrug it off and claim it’s not a big deal even though everyone knows it’s not exactly a small deal either.

Snapchat lives in the very unchartered territory of both unimportant and important, which is why the best friends list was thrilling to look into. I am not sure about my future usage of the app now that one of the big appeals of it is gone with the disappearance of the friends list. Call me unique with these opinions of Snapchat, however I think many people will agree with my thoughts (although they certainly won’t admit it). I find this unfortunate, so for now, I will mourn the loss of the top friends list very publicly via this post. But I would argue that you are probably mourning a little bit too.

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Best friends is stupid, starts drama and gives nosy people more things to complain about