Rio Life Snapchat Story on April 20th, 2015

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For those that know the history of Snapchat Stories, you know that Rio Live was one of the first ones they posted for all users to see. By simply searching “Rio Snapchat Story” you will see plenty of complaints from those who had no idea what this was. Well, that has all changed in the last year as Snapchat users love seeing stories from around the world. The Rio Life 2015 Snapchat Story was full of great entertainment. I am quite certain men throughout the world will be searching for the different women and girls that were in this particular Snapchat Story. Here are some of the screenshots I took:

snapchat-story-rio-life rio-sunset-snapchat rio-sunglasses-girl-snapchat rio-animal-snapchat-story rio-brunette-girl-snapchat-story rio-girl-snapchat-story rio-beach-snapchat-story where-is-rio-map-snapchat rio-life-snapchat-story

There was a Snapchat video of a very unique looking squirrel that was eating a banana. I have no idea what type of animal this is so if anyone that lives in or around Rio can inform us in the comments we would appreciate it. Also, Rio de Janerio residents please tell us more about your culture. What season is it there now? Is it warm most of the year? Are the girls always in bikinis? Are the guys ripped? Let us know in the comments!

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Rafaela Ishi
Rafaela Ishi

Estamos no outono. Esquenta aqui mais em dezembro. Nem todas as meninas são gostosas, nem todos só estão de biquíni. E nem todos os homens são rasgados, definidos, fortes.


This was a little monkey

Apollo Pantera
Apollo Pantera

Hello, this was a “sagui”, how we call here, its a little monkey! Our summer happens um the end os the year, december. No, the girls wears bikini on the beaches. They’re so beatiful! And the people likes run, ride bike and make exercises very much!! That’s it! Im sorry if i said something wrong on english! Kkkkk