Screenshot This and Add Your Dab Snapchat Viral Bitmoji

The newest viral trend on Snapchat is the “Screenshot this and add your Dab” picture that looks like a mirror with dozens of Bitmojis dabbing.It basically looks like a hallway of Bitmojis dabbing. Many are asking how to do this or what they need to do to continue to make it keep going. Also, why does it look so cool? Well, here is what it looks like:

Basically, you need to screenshot and then add your Bitmoji dabbing to the bottom left corner and it will add another Bitmoji to the image. Notice that all the names are also showing so you need to be aware of that before you do it and share it publicly with everyone. That said, it will only show your first name or your Snapchat screenname.

A few questions we have:

  • Who started this? Who was the first one?
  • Why does it look like a hallway full of Bitmojis?
  • Is this going around high schools and colleges? If so, which ons?
  • How many screenshots have been taken of Bitmojis dabbing?

Have you seen this viral trend on Snapchat? Did you Snapchat and add your Bitmoji dabbing?

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