Search Snapchat for Individual Person Who Viewed a Story

We have all accepted Snapchat is not perfect. What makes Snapchat amazing is how their team takes our recommendations and implements them into the app. While the top 3 best friends is not back and they have yet to offer a group text, most of the things users look for are added to the Snapchat app. One of the recent suggestions is to be able to search to see exactly who viewed a Snapchat story.

Now that more and more people are joining Snapchat it is no longer the case that we are only getting 50 or 100 views on our stories. In the past, we could see every single person that viewed a story. Now, if you get over 200 views, you can only see the 200 latest people that viewed a story. Unfortunately, this means anyone that viewed your story when you first posted it will not be listed on the “story viewed list” if you are getting lots of views.

Another feature that could be added is to see every user that has screenshotted a particular Snap on a story. If you are getting thousands of views and hundreds of screenshots you can only see the last handful of screenshots along with the 200 latest viewers. There needs to be some addition to this particular feature. While some have argued that the number of views do not matter that is obviously not the case. Almost every one that is active on Snapchat wants to get more views.

Maybe with the next Snapchat update we will get the search feature when it comes to views and screenshots. In the meantime, you have to continuously look at your views if you want to know if a specific person saw your story. When it comes to boyfriends, girlfriends and crushes this can be extremely important. Make it happen Snapchat!

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