Can You See When Someone Opens Their Snapchat App?

Many people that use Snapchat every day wonder if their crush or the person they are interested in has opened their Snapchat. Sometimes we will look at their Snapchat score to see if it has increased. Other times we will patiently wait for them to upload a story. Unfortunately, there is no way to see when someone has the Snapchat app opened. It will be interesting to see if Snapchat adds this feature in the near future.

Almost all messaging apps will let you know when someone is logged in or online. In fact, I don’t think there is an app or program that doesn’t do this. When sending a picture or text Snap sometimes we just want to know if the other person is ignoring us or if they are busy. The only way to know is to continue to wait to see if they open your Snap. Fortunately, we are able to see when someone opens a Snap picture or text.

Would you like to see Snapchat add a feature that tells you when other users on online or have the app open? Do you think this will be a useful addition to the Snapchat app for iPhone or Android?

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