Can You See Who Shared a Story on Snapchat Map?

Now that millions of people are looking at Snapchat Stories on the map all over the world many want to know if they can see who shared that 10 second video. Is there any way to privately message that person and ask them about their video or add them as a friend? Can you see a Snapchat username for the person that uploaded the video that you are watching?

At the present time, you cannot see the Snapchat user that uploaded a specific video to the Snapchat Map. All you can do is watch the video and see that person. There is no way to know who they are. It is likely watching a stranger walk by on the street without ever being able to walk up to them and say Hi.

We think this feature will change in the near future. Much like the Instagram Stories for specific places, users want to see the account that shared the video. If Instagram can show you the account that shared a video there is no reason Snapchat cannot show you the account. These Snapchat users are sharing their stories to the public anyway, so why not let us see what their Snapchat user name is?

Do you want to see the Snapchat name of the people sharing stories that are showing up on the Snapchat Map? Is this a feature they should add very soon?

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