Should I Have To Share My iPhone Location with My Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Many couples deal with this question: should I share my location with my significant other? Of course, every relationship is different, so there is no one correct answer for this question. I asked a few college students, and four said no, you should not have to share your location with your partner, and two said yes. A twenty year old male at UNCW said, “you definitely shouldn’t have to share your location with your partner because it creates a toxic and unhealthy relationship when the partners track one another and trust is not built. Plus, freedom is crucial in a relationship.” Another student said, “You shouldn’t have to share your location with anyone. You should be able to trust them, however it can be used for safety reasons.”

Trust is a crucial factor in a relationship, and tracking your partner’s location at all times can cause issues early on in the relationship. Especially if it is not a healthy relationship, and the partner is using the location to follow and keep tabs on their significant other. This could become a very unhealthy relationship and if there is no trust in the relationship, something should change.

On the flip side, a twenty year old female from Raleigh said, “yes, for some people it’s a security blanket. You can always know where they are so you know they’re safe or busy if they haven’t answered you.”

It is very important to trust someone enough to share your location with them, in case something ever does happen to you. I personally have never shared my own with my significant others, but I have shared it with a few of my best friends. My freshman year roommate has had my location for the past three years, and I feel very comfortable with her having it. I trust her very much and felt confident enough to share my location with her, knowing she would help me if I ever needed it.

If your boyfriend/girlfriend asks to share their location with you, ask yourself a few questions; do you trust them, will they use your location in inappropriate ways, and will you feel safe and comfortable if they can locate you every second of every day. Trust is key in a relationship, and sharing your location can either be a confirmation that trust is there, or it could potentially make things worse.

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