Can You Shoot Without Opening Your Mouth on Snapchat Galaga

The Snapchat Galaga by Walmart game on the Snapchat Face Filters or Lens has become quite popular. Millions of Snapchat users are trying to get the highest possible score. Unfortunately, it is not easy to play this game in public because you have to open and close your mouth to shoot the spaceships. Is there another way to do this? Can you tap on the screen to shoot?

At this point, it looks as if the only way you can shoot the spaceships on Galaga is to open your mouth. We haven’t been able to find any hacks or cheats to get your ship to shoot without opening your mouth. If you tap on the screen, nothing happens or you can accidentally double tap and the screen will flip to forward facing. If Snapchat wants to get the most users to play this game as possible, there needs to be another way to shoot rather than opening your mouth.

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