Who Shows Up in Bitmoji Stories With You?

If you have watched Bitmoji Stories in the last week, you may notice that different people (Bitmojis) are showing up on different days. So, what determines which person is going to show up in your Bitmoji Story? After some analyzing and playing around with it, we have determined that the person you have talked to last, on the previous day, is most likely to show up in your Bitmoji Story the next morning.

It would make sense that it would be the person you talk to the most or your best friend, but this has proven to not be the case. Many people are noticing their brother or sister show up in the Bitmoji Story. It may also be the case that it is a friend you don’t talk to all that much. Some have even reported that Bitmojis they don’t even recognize are showing up in their Bitmoji Story.

Have you played around with this and determined it is the last person you talked to? If not, what do you think determines which Bitmoji shows up in the latest Bitmoji Story?

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