Should Business Owners Spend Time on Periscope, Blab or Video Apps?

It seems that every month there is a new video app that will allow iPhone and Android users to “reach a new audience”. I have heard it a million times. It was once social networks with Diaspora, Ello, Tsu and dozens of others that came and went. Now it is video apps that allow users to live stream. Before getting excited about Periscope, Blab or any other video app remember that almost all of these apps have a very small audience. Not only do they have a very small audience, that audience is also not in the mood to spend money when opening the app.

Reaching someone with the intent to buy is why Google is so powerful. Buyers are searching, not watching Periscopes or Blabs. While I like the idea of spontaneous online video it is not for business owners yet. A few years down the road when Blab and Periscope announce 500 million people are using the app it might be worth your time and effort. Right now you will be marketing too marketing experts. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Instead of trying to figure out all these new social media and video apps sit down and make certain your website is full of amazing content that ranks in Google search. If you aren’t seeing an increase in search visitors you should not be putting any time into disappearing video apps. Write content that will help you to gain customers months and years down the road. If you need a content strategy feel free to reach out to me a I serve as both a consultant and have a team that can assist your business in getting more Internet traffic. Your customers and sales are going to come from Google, not Periscope and Blab. Put your time and money into a product that is going to offer some type of return on investment.

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