Snapchat Auto Play Next Story is Awful for Users

When Snapchat first released the new update we thought it would be good for users because they wouldn’t have to click to see the next story. Now we realize that most users do not want to see all stories. One of the reasons Snapchat was so popular was because it allowed users to decide what content they wanted to see unlike Twitter, Facebook and now Instagram. Sadly, Snapchat has fallen into the trap of telling us what we want to watch.

There are a number of friends we all have that are passive Snapchat friends meaning we want to see their stories every once in awhile. Maybe they live in Chapel Hill and are a UNC basketball fan. During the games they snap stories at the Dean Smith Center and that is fun to watch. All other times they are boring and immature. We don’t want to see their lunch pictures from the Quad. This is not uncommon as most people are not interesting 100% of the time.

Unfortunately, there is no filter for this person on Snapchat anymore. We want to unfollow them or delete them because the new feature forces us to watch them with their boyfriend or girlfriend every single day. We don’t care about that, we just want to see videos of the UNC basketball team.

In the near future, we would like to think Snapchat will allow users to switch back to the old Snapchat so they don’t have to view every single story. If you think the new Snapchat is awful comment on this blog post so Snapchat will change the features back.

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