Snapchat Best Friends Coming Back Rumor Started on June 21st, 2016

Over the last 24 hours thousands of tweets have mentioned Snapchat Best Friends coming back with the next update. In fact, a number of diehard Snapchat users are very upset about this possibility. Interestingly, they are expressing their concern even though Snapchat has made no official announcement of best friends returning.

By scouring Twitter for tweets related to “Snapchat best friends returning” you will clearly see quite the opinionated discussion going on. In fact, a number of people have left comments on old Snapchat Best Friend articles on this website.

Snapchat is often very quite about upcoming features. That said, it would make no sense for them to leak the possibility of best friends coming back. Or would it? Some of the best social media campaigns are created by companies or businesses “leaking” something only to find out that it was just a way to get more people talking about them.

That said, Snapchat is, by far and away, the most popular app for millennials so we don’t think they need much help promoting their app. Even though the app is extremely popular, it is interesting to see the increase in the number of Snapchat tweets now that the rumor of best friends has been floating around the Internet for 24 hours.

Where did you hear that Snapchat best friends were coming back? Do you think the next update will show the top 3 or top 5 best friends?

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