Snapchat Birthday Cake Emoji and Special Filters

UPDATE: We have learned there is a Snapchat selfie filter for you on your birthday and one for you to send to your friends on their birthday. Is this something you would be willing to do? Would you send your friends a #HBD Snapchat lens on their birthday?

On Tuesday, February 23rd, Snapchat updated the iPhone app with a “Birthday Party” setting. Within the birthday party setting you can turn on a birthday cake emoji for the day of your birthday and several special filters for your big day. We are not 100% certain what types of filters will be available for a birthday but they will only be able to be used by those that were born on that specific date.

We are left wondering what will happen if you simply change your birth date every day in the Snapchat app. We would imagine it will only allow you to put your birthday in once but there may be some that have figured out how to change a birth date on Snapchat.

Here is what the app states:


Who knows what the other fun surprises will be. It is interesting to note that Snapchat makes it a point to say that this does not reveal your age to other Snapchat users. Is this a huge problem? Is Snapchat worried about the age of their users? We all know the answer to that.

Have you seen the new Snapchat birthday cake emoji? What other surprises are available on your birthday?


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