Is Snapchat Bringing Back Best Friends in November 2017 Real or Fake News?

UPDATE: We have learned this rumor/news of the Snapchat Best Friends update started in Europe and has yet to make its way across the pond. We believe it started gaining traction in the United Kingdom, likely in London.

Here is the “fake” news that was created:

Over the last 10 hours there has been a rumor that Snapchat will bring back best friends in November 2017. By going on Twitter and searching for Snapchat Best Friends you will find hundreds of tweets in the last hour. Some are saying they want it back and others are begging Snapchat to keep it hidden to individual users. So, do you think Snapchat is really going to bring back best friends in November 2017? Is this fake news?

We have research all the Snapchat resources including their official blog, their Twitter accounts and the features stories on Snapchat. Nowhere does it say that Snapchat is bringing back best friends. In an age of fake news, it is not surprising that some website started this rumor to get traffic. Also note that a website started a rumor that Snapchat was shutting down about a week ago.

One thing that we do know is that Snapchat will report earnings after the stock market close today around 4:15 pm est. This is a time in which Evan Spiegel will get to talk to investors and make any announcements. By 5:00 pm est today, we will know if best friends are really coming back.

Here are some of the tweets related to best friends coming back:

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This has made its way to wales too!! Abso stressing, hope it doesn’t come back!!Will be waiting for the confirmation that this is a lie omdsssss


Bring it back! I loveeeee to creep 🐍

James daviss
James daviss

I made this fake screenshot using f12 check my twitter jamesdavies98 first mention of it anywhere