Snapchat Changes Views to the First Viewer at the Top

Snapchat has caused drama again. Without letting the users know, Snapchat is now posting the first viewer at the top and the latest viewer at the bottom. There is a catch. Once you get over 200 views this changes as there is always a +[number] at the very bottom of the views. We are still testing this out, but we are 100% confident the first 200 viewers are shown with the first viewer being at the top.

Have you noticed this? Is it stressing you out? The changed seemed to happen on Friday, January 20th, 2017 late in the evening. Thousands of people have searched for how to change it back or you can now see if someone has viewed a story more than once.

We will continue to test this out and see what is going on. Do you like this change? Do you think Snapchat is testing out something new that will allow you to see how many times someone has viewed your story? Do you want them to change it back?

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