Snapchat Hold Down My Snap Name Chihuahua Dog Message

One of the more popular private Snapchat messages floating around in July 2017 is the “chihuahua” dog Snapchat message to get more followers. This is what is says:

  1. Hold down my snap name
  2. Tap the blue arrow
  3. Send to all friends including me
  4. Post this on your story
  5. Wait 5 mins and watch Snap blow up!

In essence, this is a user trying to get more followers quickly. They are hoping you will send their Snapchat code and user name to all your friends, then they will send it to all their friends and so on and so forth. This would be a quick way to get followers if you can guarantee they would actually do that.

The issue is incentive. What is going to make Snapchat users do this? Telling them Snapchat will blow up in 5 minutes is an incentive but if they don’t get a ton of new followers, they are going to delete this off their story and feel stupid for sending it to their friends.

Did you get this Snapchat private message? Did you send it to your friends?

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