Will Snapchat Crowd Surf Be Used for College Football Games?

Snapchat unveiled their “Crowd Surf” feature yesterday during a Lorde concert. This feature allows spectators to upload a video to a concert or event story. Somehow, we are not certain if it is machine learning or human curation, the videos are stitched together so Snapchat users can get an experience from different areas in the theatre, stadium or amphitheater. Honestly, it was very well done. The music didn’t miss a beat and you could click a “flip” button on the bottom right which allowed you to change views.

The one place that this would work perfectly is at a college football game. Imagine seeing the “Kick 6” from the Alabama vs Auburn game from several different angles. You could see it from the big time donors seats on the 50 yard line. You could see it from the student section and you could even see it from the nose bleeds in the upper deck.

If Snapchat combines this with their Snapchat Map feature they will have college football fans all over the country watching videos every single Saturday. In fact, you could make an entire app just for this feature. Diehard SEC fans will be chomping for the opportunity to see specific plays from different angles within the stadium. That isn’t even bringing tailgating into the conversation.

We can only hope Snapchat brings this feature to the Alabama vs Florida State game to kick off the college football season. If they do it correctly, this will force every college football fan in the United States to download the app and create an account.

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