Snapchat Data Saver – What Does This Mean?

If you have downloaded the latest version of Snapchat, you have likely gotten the screen that says you are on Data Saver mode. In essence, Snapchat figured out that their app was draining the data for users all over the world. With most Snapchat users being younger, they tend to be on family plans or their parent’s plan. They definitely don’t have the money to go through tons and tons of data. Snapchat has had this issue since it was created.

Exactly how much does this save your data? That we are not certain. What we do know is that it would be wise to always keep this on if you are worried about your data.

Basically, what the data saver setting does is it makes certain stories, videos and other content are not constantly loading on your phone. You will now have to tap on a story and the little white circle may come up, but this is much better than having to worry about your data every single month. In the past, Snapchat simply loaded new stories all the time. Even if you didn’t look at the story, it was loading on your phone if the Snapchat app was open.

Most people probably don’t realize their Snapchat app is open most of the time so the data is constantly running. Go to the settings and make sure your data saver option is checked on.

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