Snapchat Errors and Glitches on New Years Eve 2018

After a year in which Instagram dominated Snapchat, Snap Inc did not want to end the year with many glitches and errors on their app. Unfortunately, this is exactly what is happening on December 31st, 2017. First, users were unable to see the Snapchat Score of their friends and other users. After that, users were getting multiple notifications for a single Snapchat text or private Snap. Many have reported they have gotten the same notification for a single text up to five times.

If this wasn’t enough, now users are finding that the blue, red and purple arrow is remaining solid even though other users have looked at a Snap. We have heard reports that the blue or red arrow will go from solid to empty but the time will report that it was viewed 30 minutes ago, or more. This is very frustrating for those waiting to see if their friends have looked at their Snaps.

As the night progresses, there is a good chance Snapchat will have many other errors and glitches. What have you seen on New Years Eve 2018? Is it frustrating you to the point where you don’t even want to us it?

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