Snapchat Face Filters Won’t Work for iPad or iPad

Over the last several weeks the Snapchat lenses or selfie face filters have taken off. Who would have ever guessed as most experts left the lenses for dead after Snapchat closed the $0.99 lens store. As more and more celebrities, especially supermodels, jump on Snapchat and start using these face filters it is the case that middle school, high school and college students want to follow suit. Kylie Jenner, Demi Lovato and Hilary Duff all use the face filters on a daily basis. Unfortunately, those with older model iPods and iPads are not able to use these face filters.

We have learned that a number of devices do not support the face filters. If you have older model generation Apple products such as the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s you will not be able to use the technology to create a face filter. We are not 100% certain which models of the iPad and iPod do not work but have confirmed that many do not.

If you have an iPad or iPod that does not support the Snapchat face filters please comment below with the make and model you have. It would also be helpful to comment with the version of iOS you are running. If you cannot get your face filters to work the only solution is to get a newer phone. With the iPhone 7 coming out later this year not might be the time to upgrade.

We completely understand that many do not have the money to make this purchase but there are ways to get the 5s at a steeply discounted price. Also, check out Craigslist or eBay for some deals on the newer model iPods, iPads and iPhones that are not the newest models. We can confirm that the iPhone 5s supports the Snapchat face filters so look at the options for that model. You may be able to find it for under $50 when the iPhone 7 is announced in a few weeks.

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I have an iPad 4th generation ios IOS 10.3.3, would I still be able to use Snapchat filters?.