SnapChat Growth and the Value of a Snap

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It has now been over 14 months since SnapChat starting to gain in popularity on the college campuses in the south. I remember hearing about it on Twitter in the early part of October. Most of the college students I know are at UNC, but that means NC State and Duke students were using it then as well. Below I am going to document the growth of the Google+ SnapChat Android beta testers community just to show how big SnapChat is getting. This is, by no means, the number of new users signing up but it should give you an idea of the growth. I will try to evaluate the value of a snap through some YouTube Hangout on Air videos soon.

Week 49

Week 48

Week 47

Week 46

Week 49 (12/2 – 12/9)

This week was not a huge growth week for Snapchat. The Google+ community added over 6000 new members but that is down from some of the weeks prior. That said, this is still a ton of new members when looking at the bigger picture. Most Google+ communities would be happy to add a 6000 new members in an entire year, not just a single week. I will continue to monitor the growth of this community.

Week 48 (11/25 – 12/1)

The numbers continue to grow for this Snapchat community. Even though it was the Thanksgiving holiday the Google+ Snapchat community grew by 7355 members which is the most since I have started tracking. This is amazing as one would think less people would be signing up for the community during the holiday break. I recognize that millions were using Snapchat over Thanksgiving I just would not have expected to see them joining a Google+ community and talking about the product. This makes me think the community could grow over 8000 next week. We shall see.

Week 47 (11/18 – 11/24)

The SnapChat community did not break 7000 new members this week but it was very close. I will be interesting to see how this number reacts as we head into the holiday season. When high school and college kids are home for the holiday break they are much more likely to use social media like SnapChat, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Instagram will see a huge uptick in usage over the next few weeks as well. Stay tuned for the latest numbers when it comes to the growth of SnapChat.

Week 46 (11/11 – 11/17)

The growth of this particular Google+ community is staggering. The only Google+ communities that are growing nearly as fast are Google related communities, most of which are to help with Google products. Some of my best communities are Google Plus Pro Tips and Chromecast. That said, they are nothing compared to this SnapChat community. This shows just how many people have SnapChat while using it on Android. It there were an Apple based community I could not even imagine how bit it would get. One would have to believe that more iPhone users are using SnapChat at the moment. I will have to dig a little bit to see if this is true.

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