Snapchat Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015

It is almost that time again. Millions of middle school, high school and college students will start thinking about their Halloween costumes. Whether they are looking for the sexiest or funniest costume, they will put a lot of thought, time and effort into these costumes. With Snapchat being the most popular app for teens it will likely be the case that many will start to think about Snapchat halloween costume ideas. Here are a few I came up with.

The Puking Rainbow Costume – This will be easier for girls than guys because it will take lots of makeup. When the latest Snapchat update came out the Puking Rainbows selfie filter was one of the most popular of the first seven filters; along with the zombi filter. To do the puking rainbow you would need to use makeup of face paint to draw the rainbow coming out of your mouth, down your neck and onto your chest.

The Snapchat Ghost Costume – This one would be super easy. You could just get a sheet, cut some holes in for eyes and be the Snapchat ghost. If you are really creative you could add some “disappearing” photos to your costume. Putting polaroid pictures that you can stick to and take off your ghost sheet should do the trick.

The Crying Eyes Costume – One of the latest Snapchat selfie filters is the crying eyes or tears going down your face. This one would be easy as you could wear glasses with big eyeballs and paint tears on your face.

The Snapchat Emoji Costume – This one could be the best. You could create a costume that includes all the Snapchat best friend emojis including the red heart, two pink hearts, winking face, the sunglasses face, the baby and the gold star.

The Snapchat Trophies Costume – This one would be very similar to the emoji costume. You could print out all the different Snapchat trophies and put them on a tshirt, dress or some type of clothing. Remember to get all of the trophies if you are going to do this.

The Snapchat QR Code Costume – Create a tshirt with your Snapchat QR code. Done!

Do you have any other ideas for Snapchat Halloween costumes? I would love to hear some of your ideas in the comments below.

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