Does Snapchat Know What I Am Taking Pictures Of?

In November 2017 more and more Snapchat users are reporting filters that are related to the context of a picture. You may have taken a picture or video of your dog, gone to add a filter and noticed that one of the filters is “(Wo)Man’s best friend”. You may have taken a picture of your food and a filter is “nom nom nom”. So, does Snapchat know what is in our pictures?

The answer is yes. For the last several years Snapchat has been buying recognition companies to determine what pictures are being taken. On Android phones, the phone can identify objects that you take a picture of. If you take a picture of a specific flower or plant, Android will tell you what that is.

Over the next several months, expect Snapchat to roll out many more features related to the pictures and videos we are taking. Does this freak you out? Do you feel inclined to stop posting Snaps because Snapchat knows what is in your pictures? Does Snapchat know when you are sending nudes?

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