Snapchat Leap Year Filter Available on February 29th

Well, is is Leap Year meaning it is also a year we have the Olympics and a Presidential Election. Snapchat is on board as they are offering a Leap Year filter for all Snapchat users. It will be interesting to see if this filter disappears for some as daily filters have been known to do. If you see it now, go ahead and use it because you might not be able to use it again later in the day.

This is what the Snapchat Leap year 2016 filter looks like:


This isn’t the best Snapchat filter we have seen but it is one that will be used by thousands as they share fun moments with their friends. On the same day that Snapchat offers the Leap Year filter Instagram updated their app to allow users to see total views on videos. It is shocking how often these two app update on the same day or same week.

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