Snapchat Letters, Colors and Cars Now Being Posted to Stories

This trend is going to quickly fade as it has now gotten out of control. The girls got the first laugh with the fruit corresponding to their relationship status. The boys responded with sodas and numbers. Honestly, the boys numbers was hidden for quite some time as many girls are still quite confused. Now, both boys and girls are posting letters, colors and car makes to their stories. We have been asked what all of them mean.

Before you get too caught up in the drama, remember that this has become a game. Many of your friends are likely posting random emojis, letters or numbers just to get a reaction from you. Almost all middle school and high school students have nothing to do over Christmas break so they are sitting on their iPhones and Androids. They are checking Snapchat at every second. To get a rise out of someone, a boy or girl will post something just to see what happens, even if it is not true.

So, there may be some meaning to the letters, colors and cars but try not to get too inundated with this whole game that is being played. By the time 2017 rolls around you will have completely forgotten that the guy you like posted 7.5 on his Snapchat story in late December.

For those interested in what these emojis, letters or colors mean, please comment below if you have seen the mass text.

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I wanna know


What do the letters mean? Someone’s story said to pick a letter from A-M and I don’t know what that means