How to Look at the Snapchat Map on a Computer

UPDATE: In February 2018 Snapchat allowed users to look at the Snap Map on their computer, within a browser. You can view it here.

Now that millions of people have become obsessed with seeing their friends on the Snapchat Map, it is all in due time before they start to look for a way to view the map on a computer or a MacBook. Remember, Snapchat does not allow third party app developers to use an API with Snapchat. This means the only way you are going to get to view your Snapchat Map on a computer or laptop is if Snapchat releases it themselves.

We highly doubt you will see a Snapchat Map on a desktop or laptop computer in the near future. That said, there may be some hacks or secrets that are created by developers. If you know how to look at the Snapchat Map on a computer please comment below. If you can’t, you will just have to wait until you get out of school or work to check your Snapchat Map.

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