New Snapchat Map Drains iPhone Battery – Any Fixes?

Over the last several days, many people have reported that the iPhone’s battery dies quickly when the Snapchat app is open. This has always been the case, but it dies even more quickly now that the Snapchat Map is running. Even if you aren’t sharing your location, the Snapchat app drains the iPhone battery rather quickly because users are looking at the map and different locations.

There are a number of reasons this is the case. First of all, the map is using your location even if it is not sharing. When you see your Bitmoji holding the stick on the screen, Snapchat is using your location. You are also likely scrolling around on the map and looking at other locations. This drains the battery. Add on top of that that most people are watching videos and you are sure to see your battery drop under 20% in less than an hour.

So, what can you do? At this point, the only thing you can do is turn off location services for Snapchat or simply do not use the app as much. Even if you are texting or sending pictures in the Snapchat app, it is using your location which is draining your battery.

The best way to fix this or combat it is to use the actual iPhone texting or another texting app that is not so focused on your location. As Snapchat continues to come out with more features you can be rest assured that it will drain the iPhone battery even quicker. With the iPhone 8 coming out soon, it will be interesting to see how the battery holds up with Snapchat being so labor intensive.

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