Will My Snapchat Map Location Update If I’m Not Using the App?

Now that millions of people have turned on their Snapchat Map, there are thousands of questions. One of the most common questions is, “will my Snapchat Map location update if I am not using the Snapchat app?” If you have location settings turned on for Snapchat, it is automatically tracking your location in the background of your iPhone or Android phone. The only way it won;t update your location is if you turn location settings off.

We have had users ask us if they sign out of Snapchat will it stop updating a location. We believe this is true. If you sign all the way out of Snapchat, it is almost certain your location will no longer update on the Snapchat map. As long as you stay signed in and your phone is on, your location should update on the Snap Map.

If you turn your phone off, obviously, the location will not be updated. Do you have any other questions as it relates to the Snapchat Map and your location?

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