How to Get Snapchat Memories and Save Stories and Pictures

Today, July 6th, 2016, Snapchat has announced Memories, a way to save Snapchat videos and pictures, will be released to the public. If you have an iPhone or Android phone with the Snapchat app, you will be able to update your app in the coming hours to use this feature. Here is how it works:

This is awesome! You now have the ability to save Snapchat videos and pictures, add a caption or tag to them, and then share them privately with your friends and family. We do not know if you will be able to upload these to your Snapchat story but that is unlikely.


It will also be interesting to see how we are asked to tag or categorize the pictures and videos so they create their own story. As soon as this feature is available to download and use on an iPhone or Android we will be testing it out and offering help guides.

Is this a feature you have been looking for? Have you wanted to save Snapchat videos and pictures and put them in a folder?

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