Will Snapchat Add Relationship Status Emojis in 2017?

At the end of 2016 millions of Snapchat users played the fruit game in which they would post a specific fruit to explain their relationship status. This Snapchat fruit game¬†showed just how important the relationship status is on social media. This is not a surprise to anyone as the “it’s complicated” status on Facebook caused huge problems for many people. Most can remember the first time they heard of someone becoming “Facebook official”. So, when is Snapchat going to figure this out and offer a relationship emoji?

This is something that will likely happen in 2017. It will be very easy for Snapchat to add this option. Users will be able to choose an emoji that will go next to their Snapchat name for their friends to see. Snapchat could even add a “relationship with” emoji update. Remember Best Friends? Users could select a Snapchat name in which they could share a specific emoji. If MaKayla and Liam are boyfriend and girlfriend they could both have the Cherry emoji with their name beside it.

Before January 2015 we could see another users top 3 best friends. They could bring this back with the “relationship status”. As we all know, many girls would simply add their girl friends as their relationship but this is part of the game that is played on social media. Facebook truly took off when people started playing with their relationship status. Was Christmas 2016 the tipping point for Snapchat with the relationship status?

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