How to Send Snapchat Sticker Emojis in Private Text Chat

As we predicted yesterday, a major Snapchat update was coming. One of the most popular features of the newest update will be the Snapchat sticker emojis which are the emojis that are different from the common emojis. They basically tell a story through text even better than emojis. This is something Android users have had with Google Hangouts for awhile but they are going to be even more popular on Snapchat.

This is how you do it. Swipe to text another Snapchat user and find the Smiley face with a tongue out on the right hand side above the keyboard. This will allow you to add any type of sticker that you like. Some of the new emoji stickers look like this:

best-snapchat-emojis-text snapchat-weird-emojis-text snapchat-pictures-in-text sticker-emojis-on-snapchat snapchat-chat-stickers snapchat-emoji-stickers

These are sure to be extremely popular in text. Unfortunately, it does not look as if we can add them to Snapchat stories quite yet. It will be interesting to see it this option is available moving forward.

Snapchat was very smart to explain to people how to add these stickers to text in their own Snapchat story.


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