If I’m Always in his Snapchat Story Does That Mean He Likes Me?

You’ve had a huge crush on this guy for weeks, and finally you’re starting to hangout. It’s super casual, but still, it’s something. Before you know it, you’re always together. Always at school, the mall, the library, everywhere. Then suddenly, you’re always on his snapchat, every time you’re together. Goofy videos, selfies with the dog filter, you name it. That has to mean something right? Well, sort of. It definitely could mean something, but it doesn’t always. This more than likely is going to go one of two ways:

One: He totally likes you.

Girl, you. Are. In. If he is putting you on his social media he is flaunting you which means he definitely is into you. If this is the case, you would probably know it prior to him posting you all the time. Because boys are dumb and do dumb things that make it obvious they like you. Such as being a dick to you, or sending you multiple unwarranted shirtless pictures. But either way, it’s still nice confirmation and what is better than having a guy that wants to show you off?

Two: Crap, you’re in the friend zone.

There’s a reason you’re always in his story, because he’s showing everyone that you’re totally just friends and it’s no big deal that you’re always together. You’re still important to him, but not enough for him to like you. Good news is you guys can be really good friends, maybe even best friends! Bad news, you’re probably going to stay that way, so don’t get your hopes up.

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