Can I Choose the Thumbnail Photo for My Snapchat Story?

Every single day millions of Snapchat users upload a number of different pictures and videos to their story. Every once in awhile you will notice a thumbnail that makes you want to watch an entire story, no matter how long it is. It may be a very attractive girl, words or emojis on the picture or just a smiling face. So, if you are a Snapchat user, you may want to make your thumbnail picture something specific; is this possible?

The answer is no. At this time you are not able to select the picture that shows up for your Snapchat story. In years past, the story picture was a combination of all your videos and pictures that made up your story. More recently, the story picture or thumbnail has become the latest thing you have shared to your story.

Just the other day, in mid July 2016, a large number of Snapchat users were finding that the thumbnail was a white circle. This confused a lot of people as they thought something was broken with their Snapchat stories. It turned out that it was simply a glitch and was fixed by Snapchat within 24 hours.

If you want people to click your Snapchat story to watch it, you simply need to upload the highest quality content. Snapchat users now have a lot of options so you better be sharing some of the best moments available. If you are sharing your lunch or things that happen at middle school or high school you will likely see the number of views for your story decrease over time. Try to be creative and have fun with Snapchat and you will find that your views go up.

Don’t worry too much about your Snapchat thumbnail or the picture in the circle around your story. If you are sharing great content, your friends and followers will watch your stories no matter what.

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If you post more than 1 story, how is it people can skip over the first one (their name doesn’t show as who viewed it) but they can view your older stories (their name shows). How is this possible if they have to click on your most recent story to view all your stories?