Do Snapchat Streaks Really Matter to College Students?

Most college students are very well versed when it comes to snapchat. Snapchat is used most frequently by college students, it is easier and quicker than texting, and you get a quick picture with it, too! A streak in snapchat is when you and a friend send snaps back and fourth every day, and the app adds a fire emoji next to their name along with the number of days your streak has lasted. After asking a few juniors in college, five out of six of said yes, snap streaks are very important.

A pair of best friends laughed as they showed me their 300 day streak, and spoke about how upset they get if they ever lose a streak. A 21 year old commented, “snapchat streaks do matter to college students. They get extremely upset when you lose a streak.” And people have competitions on who has more streaks.” Another said, “yes, Snapchat streaks matter to college students, we have our phones on us 24/7 and we capture every moment of our life on our phones.” It is very easy to snapchat, and keeping a streak is not that hard either. As long as you send one snap every day to the same person, and they send one back, then your streak will continue.

As a junior in college myself, I should be on the bandwagon of snapstreaks, but the longest streak I ever had was about 30 days. I snapchat the same people and have been snapping my best friend Sammy for about four years now, and she was the only one who I’ve ever kept a streak with.

A good bit of college students would say that yes, snapstreaks are crucial to maintaining a friendship, and the competitions held with snapstreaks keep it interesting. There are, however, still a few students who would disagree, and an even smaller amount of people who can say they do not even own snapchat.

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