Will Snapchat Create Online User Profiles for the Computer?

We have accepted that the most popular social networks are built for mobile first and the web second. Instagram and Snapchat are, by far and away, the most popular social networks with the younger generation and both started on mobile. Instagram now offers an online user profile but you are not able to upload pictures through that profile. You can only view photos of those that you follow. This makes me wonder if Snapchat will ever create a user profile that will allow users to view their snaps on a computer.

I think it would make sense that we could watch Snapchat Stories and view our Snaps on a computer but this will likely take a lot of work on the part of Snapchat. Creating online profiles is a whole different animal than just an app for a smartphone. If Snapchat user profiles on a computer were created it would be much easier to build a following. As of now, the only way you can build a following is to share your Snapchat QR code on a website, Instagram, Twitter or somewhere else on the web.

Do you think Snapchat should create users profiles that you can use on a computer?

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Yes. But for viewing and embedding only.