Snapchat Users Very Unhappy with Removal of Best Friends Feature

While Snapchat first removed the top 3 best friends in January 2015 users flipped out. Over the years, there have been other types of best friends but nothing really like it was. Today, in December 2019, Snapchat has eight (8) best friends but you can only view them by looking at the Snapchat users private account. Find our original discussion below.

Snapchat was expecting to see rave reviews with their new app update on January 27th, 2015 but the exact opposite has happened. While Snapchat is going after the more adult crowd with the Discover feature they removed one of the most popular feature for teens and college students – the Best Friend list. It is now the case that Snapchat users can only see the Snapchat score of another user but they cannot see a Best Friends list. I recently published a new blog post and a poll and it is shocking to see the reaction.

Within one hour of publishing the poll here are the results:


If the poll results weren’t enough, check out some of the comments on that original post:

  • I don’t like this.
  • I think we need the snapchat bestfriends back tbh
  • I don’t like this at all. We need the feature to see bestfriends back
  • This update is horrible. It was always a fun game between my friends and I to try and get to be each other’s best friends, but now that game is gone. Also, by seeing your friend’s best friends, you could add them and make even more friends! But alas, Snapchat took all these great privledges away
  • ABSOLUTELY HATE. Terrible decision to take bestfriends off of snapchat.
  • I really don’t like this new update. I like seeing the bestfriends of other users, it was one of the reasons I use snapchat, to see who other people are snapping. I want it back
  • I hate this new update. I want the other one back.
  • Do they even realise how stupid this is? The ‘Best friends’ list was the main attraction to the app.. It’s created a whole culture with vines, relationships (romantic and friendship). Snapchat will definitely notice a down fall with this cut. Even with all the new features.
  • THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. Snapchat is now supporting people cheating in relationships and supporting “players” everywhere. This was a terrible and dirty idea.
  • Bring back best friends! The app is so shitty now and confusing
  • Absolutely HATE that they removed the best friend list. How will this reduce the drama???
  • The update is so confusing!! And it sucks without best friends!
    not enjoying it anymore at all …
  • This is horrible it’s not fair on us that we can’t use snap chat to see best friends it was the reason I had snap chat now it’s gunna have a massive down fall, me and my friends tried to see if we was in each others best friends Please bring it back!!!
  • WE NEED SNAPCHAT BEST FRIENDS BACK!!! ASAP!!!! I’m very aggravated about this.
  • I think it’s rubbish it was fun to look through people’s best friends it’s ridiculous . And no even on old version it’s gone now you can’t see it at all.
  • We need snapchay bestfriends back! Why would they take that away!
  • New update is horrible myself and all of our friends will be deleting snapchat now. We enjoyed seeing best friend lists and now they are taking it away were done. Someone will come out with a better app or they need to give the best friend option back!!
  • This sucks. Bring back the best friends!!!!!
  • I’ve been thinking that if snapchat were to ever remove best friends I would kills myself.. Why snapchat? Why????? *commits suicide*
  • Snapchat needs to put the best friends back on the list… We use it for fun best friend games between buddies; also it tells us if our gf’s and bf’s are up to no good… America wants that feature back.. ASAP Snapchat!… Make another update please!
  • Unfortunately not, prior to even updating my old version of snapchat, I noticed my best friends list stated “no best friends” so even reverting will not change it, I updated because I thought my app was broken or glitched and now I see that is not the case, best friends had been removed in the old version as well.
  • HATE THIS UPDATE!! best friends was a great feature… Please bring it back !!!
  • Absolutely hate the new update. I don’t like the discovery page and I can’t stand the fact that I can’t view my list of friends like the app used to be with easily swiping left and right for friends and them snapchatting and chatting on the other side.
  • Why would you take away features in an “update”. Terrible idea. I hope they fix this or another similar app sends snapchat to the MySpace era

You can continue to monitor that comments here.

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Hate. Hate. Hate. that’s all I have to say about the new update. I want the old version back!