Snapchat Users Can Watch Live Stories on Their Computer

Over one year ago, January 2nd, 2015, we published the article “Can I View Snapchat Stories on My Computer?” At the time, the answer was no. That is changing. For the first time ever, on February 29th, 2016 Snapchat users can watch a live story on their computer. At the moment, there is only one story that can be viewed and that is the official story for the Oscars. If you want to view it, go to We are not 100% certain how long this video will be available.

In the near future we fully expect Snapchat to allow users to watch all their friends Snapchat stories on their computer. It just makes sense. There are millions of high school and college students that are sitting with MacBook computers but cannot look at their iPhones. Snapchat is missing out on millions of more views by not allowing users to watch on a computer.

The Oscars story will likely be a case study to see just how many more views a story gets when it is available for those on a desktop or laptop computer. My guess is it will increase views by three to five million. We know that YouTube videos get the majority of their views from mobile but there is still a percentage of people that only watch videos when they are sitting at work. Reddit is one of the most powerful websites in the world and their mobile presence is terrible. This makes me believe Snapchat is more than open to creating public profiles for Snapchat users as well.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. Do you want Snapchat to allow you to watch Snapchat stories on your computer?

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