Snapchat Video Games Coming in 2018?

Mark it down. Snapchat will have video games in 2018. After Tencent’s 12% invesment in the company and the recent Reese’s Cup PacMan and Cap’n Crunch Football¬†games, it is only a matter of time before Nintendo, Take Two, EA and Activision Blizzard get in on the mobile gaming available through Snapchat.

It is very well known that Snapchat is full of teenagers that are bored out of their minds. In the past, Snapchat games were simply advertisements for brands. That will likely change. Our vision is that Snapchat will offer a “demo” for video games that will allow users to purchase the full game and download the app for their phone. Anyone that played computer games in the 1990s and early 2000s remembers downloading the demo, playing for an hour and deciding if they wanted to drop $50 on the full game.

The same will happen with Snapchat but in a much shorter timeframe. Attention spans have dwindled to seconds instead of hours. Snapchat games will give users the opportunity to play the first two or three levels for a few minutes. If they like the game, they can click on a link from Snapchat that sends them to the app store. Every game sold will give Snapchat a kick back. This makes sense.

It is a great branding opportunity for video game makers and it is a way for Snapchat to not only make money, but to keep users engaged within the app.

Our guess is we will see this roll out in the early part of 2018. Remember that Snapchat is remodeling their entire app for a December 4th release as well.

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