Snapchat Views Not Going Up – Is the View Counter Broken?

On July 27th, 2017 many people are reporting that their Snapchat views are wrong or not going up. People who usually get thousands of views are reporting only getting a few hundred which is very inaccurate. They have also explained that their friends are not showing up as having viewed their story when they know specific friends view every single story they post.

So, is Snapchat broken? Are the views inaccurate? Is it possible that Snapchat is only showing your story to a limited number of people these days? Are the throttling the amount of people that can actually view your story causing the number to be much lower?

If you have seen your views drop on Snapchat on or after July 27th, 2017 comment below and let us know what your view numbers went from.

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I get a lot of views but it’s not going up on snap chat!🙅 somethings wrong?!


I’m getting tons of followers @ PassinGrass but now more views. Why?