Snapchat vs Google Plus – Why It is Dead

I have read a plethora of articles over the last several days related to Google Plus and the death of the product. Of course, many Google Plus “gurus” claim it is alive and well. Nothing could be further from the truth. One telling sign is that I have over 825,000 followers yet I cannot receive more than 50 +1s per post. I know, I know, I am not doing it right. Can you hear me rolling me eyes?

Ok, I am not using Google Plus correctly; I get it. Well, if that is the case, someone is doing it right, correct? Well, no. It seems no one is doing it correctly. If they were, millions of people would be searching for Google Plus related keywords in, well, Google search. Below you will find a comparison chart of the search traffic to my website for Snapchat related keywords vs Google Plus related keywords:

google-plus-search-keywords snapchat-search-keywords

Let’s go over the numbers. Since the beginning of 2015 my website has received a whopping 1,087 search visitors for Google Plus related keywords. In comparison, my website has received 181,052 search visitors for Snapchat related keywords. That tells you all you need to know about the popularity of Google Plus.

In 2013 and early 2014 many Google Plus gurus told me that Snapchat was not viable long term. Here are a few comments:

“I don’t doubt that they’ve created a compelling product for the short term, but until they find a way to make money off it I’m not convinced about their long term viability.”

“That’s still not worth billions of dollars.  What is worth it is if they can retain them [users].”

“But I’ve still got some push-back, and don’t think Snapcrap Snapchat will stand the test of time. Google will, which means Google+ will also.”

“Snapchat is as temporary as the pictures it shows.  Does it have a bigger user base than G+?  Sure, for now, but fads move as quickly as college kids change their mind.”

“I recently read a few articles where Gary Vaynerchuk praised Snapchat as the future of social media marketing. Additionally, in his new book,Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook,  he basically says Google+ is not a viable channel. I strongly disagree on both of those points.”

“Gary Vaynerchuk would be an idiot to actually think Snapchat a more viable marketing tool than Google+. That would be like saying a Toyota Prius is going to win a race against a Formula 1 car.”

I was very wrong about Google Plus being a viable social media outlet but I quickly realized the value of Snapchat. I was shocked with how many Google Plus gurus felt as if Snapchat was a short term app with no long term business potential. After seeing the merry go round of the same information on how to properly use Google Plus over the last several years I now know why they did not see the value of Snapchat.

In my opinion, Google Plus is dead. There is very little engagement other than a few specific niches. If you talk sports, entertainment or anything that involves getting outside and away from the computer Google Plus truly is a ghost town. Case in point. I think Google will continue to cater to businesses with Google My Business but the Google Plus product is going to have to change drastically. Heck, there might be more active people on the r/pics subreddit. In fact, I am almost 100% certain there are. Snapchat on the other hand, well, that is a monster already.

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