If She is Snapchatting Other Guys, Is She Cheating?

Every single day, thousands of boyfriends, husbands and fiances have to deal with their girlfriends, wives and fiancees “playing” on Snapchat. Unfortunately, most guys have recognized that this is the cheater’s app as it allows anyone to send a picture, video or text that disappears once it has been seen. This makes it impossible for a guy to see exactly what his girlfriend is potentially sending to other guys.

With this being the case, if she is Snapchatting other guys, is she cheating? The only way to truly know is to catch her in the act. That said, if she is a very sexually aggressive or touchy feely type of person, there is only one reasons she is sending Snapchat pictures or videos to other guys. If you have any thought that she might be cheating, there is a good chance she is.

Remember, cheating does not have to be physical. Emotional cheating is oftentimes worse than physical cheating. If your girlfriend feels the need to Snapchat other guys on a daily basis it might be time to move on and find someone that will give you their full attention.

We have all been out with a significant other only to find their mind is in a completely different place. This can be completely demoralizing. Instead of getting the full attention of your girlfriend, you are watching her Snapchat other people and then turning over her phone. If she is always turning over her phone after Snapchatting a guy, you can almost rest assured she is cheating. Save yourself time, heartache and trouble and simply move on.

If you have noticed your girlfriend or wife using Snapchat too much, what have you done to alter her behavior? Did you talk to her about it? Did you have a conversation or did you simply start Snapchatting other girls?

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