What Does the Snooze Option Do in Google Inbox?

One of the coolest features of Google Inbox is the Snooze feature (that alarm clock next to the check mark). I was unaware of the capabilities of this option until my friend John Martin opened my eyes to how it works. Below is a photo of what happens when you select an email, or bundle, and click the snooze (alarm clock) button:


This feature is awesome because it will allow you to remove an email from your Inbox until it is needed. This can come in very handy with business meetings that will happen in the upcoming months or years, concerts or sporting events and bills that are paid only once or twice a year. Rather than letting that college basketball ticket purchase from Stubhub sit in your Inbox you can snooze it until the week of the game. This way it will remind you to print the tickets when the event is near.

There are many emails I receive that I think I need to keep because I will use them in the future. The snooze option will allow me to now make them disappear until a later time. This will be extremely effective for me because when I let emails sit in my Inbox I do not notice them. If they pop up in the future I will be sure to notice them.

With this being the case, I encourage you to try out the snooze feature with your emails. I have not used the “pick place” option but that could be useful for those that like to use Google Maps and Google Reminders based on a location. If you plan to fly to Vegas in April of 2015 you can snooze the Expedia email until late March 2015 rather than letting it sit in your inbox. If you plan to purchase a new set of golf clubs before the US Open in 2015 or 2016 you can snooze that email that your golfing buddy sent you with the cheaper version of the Titleist irons and woods.

There are countless ways in which you could use the snooze feature on Google Inbox. If you haven’t already tried it out, click the alarm clock button on Google Inbox on your iPhone or Android phone and just play around with the options. I think it will make your life much easier moving forward. If you have used this option, please comment below with some of the ways in which you have utilized the snooze option effectively. The snooze option will help you avoid trashing emails or having to mark as done with the check box. This is fantastic!

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