Social Media Rankings #2

Things got a whole lot tighter at the top when it comes to social media rankings (last week’s social media rankings). Facebook remains the king but YouTube is catching up quickly. There were several days in which more YouTube links were shared on Twitter than Facebook links. Next week, the first week of December 2014, might be the week that YouTube overtakes Facebook. Only time will tell. Here are the numbers for the week.

1. Facebook – 24,755,523 total mentions – 3,536,503 mentions per day

2. YouTube – 24,650,769 total mentions – 3,521,538 mentions per day

3. Instagram – 22,656,901 total mentions – 3,236,700 mentions per day

4. Vine – 14,235,820 total mentions – 2,033,688 mentions per day

5. Tumblr – 4,971,687 total mentions – 710,241 mentions per day

6. – 3,303,892 total mentions – 471,984 mentions per day

7. Pinterest – 831,962 total mentions – 118,851 mentions per day

On the outside looking in: Reddit,, Flickr, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Imgur, Ello and Tsu.

Week over week the biggest percentage gainer was Vine up 1.15%. The biggest loser was Facebook which was down 10.5%; Youtube was down 8.8% and Pinterest was down 4.1%. It looks as if the smaller networks such as Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and are gaining momentum while the big boys of YouTube and Facebook are slowing down. That is to be expected especially when you are big as Facebook and YouTube; there has to come a point in which you reach a mass audience and you cannot grow anymore.

I am not saying that is the case at the moment but the Topsy chart for Facebook is not trending upward. Fortunately for Facebook, they own Instagram so they have absolutely no concerns when it comes to holding on to an audience. This is going to be fun to monitor as we head into 2015.

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