Social Media Rankings #3

We have a change at the top. A new #1 this week and it is YouTube. For the first time YouTube received more hyperlink tweets than Facebook. YouTube increased mentions by 1.1% week over week while Facebook increased 0.05%. YouTube did not significantly outpace Facebook but it is the first time Google has a social product at the top. Here are last week’s results in which Facebook was #1. For quite some time I have felt as if YouTube would surpass Facebook as Facebook is a walled in network while YouTube promotes the sharing of links across the entire web. Here are the numbers for this week in December 2014:

1. YouTube – 24,923,510 total mentions – 3,560,501 mentions per day

2. Facebook – 24,898,617 total mentions – 3,556,945 mentions per day

3. Instagram – 23,027,848 total mentions – 3,289,692 mentions per day

4. Vine – 14,556,215 total mentions – 2,079,459 mentions per day

5. Tumblr – 4,827,952 total mentions – 698,707 mentions per day

6. – 3,323,598 total mentions – 474,799 mentions per day

7. Pinterest – 816,405 total mentions – 116,629 mentions per day

On the outside looking in: Reddit,, Flickr, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Imgur, Ello and Tsu.

Unlike last week, all the major social networks saw a week over week gain in terms of mentions. The smaller social networks actually took a hit as Pinterest and Tumblr were both down week over week. The largest week over week gain was Vine at 2.23% followed by Instagram at 1.64%. An interesting note is that on Saturday, December 6th, 2014 had more mentions than both YouTube and Facebook. It will be interesting to track this development and see if Instagram can dethrone Facebook and/or YouTube to take over the #1 spot.

The reason Instagram has not taken over the top spot is there are fewer mentions during the week. Instagram mentions seem to happen the most on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). This makes sense because Instagram users are snapping and sharing photos while at events.

If YouTube could find a way to capture the “short” videos they may actually separate themselves in terms of social shares. continues to remain a big player and it is an app that only allows users to share six second or shorter videos. I would love to see YouTube create an app like YouTube short or YouTube In the Moment. I guess we will have to wait and see what Google has up their sleeve.

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Isaiah Jackson

Wow that is shocking, I’ve always thought of YouTube being at the top of
list in terms of social shares, simply because everyone loves a good video.

I like your idea of a “YouTube Short” or “YouTube In The Moment” app
since you would be able to upload the clip directly to YouTube as well
and I can see it dominating that space if they did implement it.

-Isaiah Jackson.


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