Social Media Rankings #4

Not much has changed this week as the top 5 remain the same with YouTube and Facebook going head to head for the #1 spot during the week of December 7th through the 13th, 2014. Here are last weeks results. It looks as if Facebook and YouTube will duke it out for the months to come as Instagram is still around two million mentions less per week. On top of that, Instagram saw a decline of 3.9% this week. It will be interesting to see how this develops heading into Christmas.

1. YouTube – 24,961,991 total mentions – 3,565,998 mentions per day

2. Facebook – 24,589,452 total mentions – 3,512,779 mentions per day

3. Instagram – 22,152,640 total mentions – 3,164,662 mentions per day

4. Vine – 14,512,852 total mentions – 2,073,264 mentions per day

5. Tumblr – 5,040,657 total mentions – 720,093 mentions per day

6. – 3,248,753 total mentions – 464,107 mentions per day

7. Pinterest – 821,168 total mentions – 117,309 mentions per day

On the outside looking in: Reddit,, Flickr, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Imgur, Ello and Tsu.

The month of December is quite unique in that most people would think friends and family would post to Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. Even though this may be the case remember that people will be traveling and they will not be on the computer quite as much. I will continue to monitor the movement of all the major social networks throughout the end of 2014.

I predict will see an uptick in early 2015 as it looks like Twitter is working very hard to promote sports and entertainment Vine videos.

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