Social Media Rankings #5

This week Facebook took over the #1 spot that was held by YouTube over the last two weeks. It is still very close as there is not a huge difference in the number of Twitter mentions of these two social outlets. Heading into the Christmas holiday I will find it very interesting to see what is mentioned more on Twitter. Facebook has friends and family but YouTube has the entertainment and short video crowd. It is going to be quite the battle moving forward.

1. YouTube – 24,732,428 total mentions – 3,533,204 mentions per day

2. Facebook – 24,855,216 total mentions – 3,550,745 mentions per day

3. Instagram – 22,490,050 total mentions – 3,212,864 mentions per day

4. Vine – 13,657,852 total mentions – 1,951,033 mentions per day

5. Tumblr – 4,942,795 total mentions – 706,113 mentions per day

6. – 3,064,197 total mentions – 437,742 mentions per day

7. Pinterest – 792,124 total mentions – 113,160 mentions per day

On the outside looking in: Reddit,, Flickr, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Imgur, Ello and Tsu.

The week of December 14th through the 20th was a very unusual week for social media websites. All social networks besides Facebook and Instagram saw a decline in mentions on Twitter. Some of the smaller social networks like Pinterest, and Vine were down 5% or more. Just last week I predicted an uptick in Vine mentions but I think we are still a week or two away because that’s when the bowl season will start. I firmly believe that sports and Vine will be synonymous in 2015. It just makes sense that ESPN and sports channels should have a relationship with Vine because they offer sports highlights all day.

I recently saw where the NFL and Facebook have agreed to a deal to show highlights on Facebook pages. While this is a very big get for Facebook I still believe Twitter and Vine have more potential to grab the sports crowd and run with it. I have given up on Google being able to build a sports audience. It would make perfect sense for YouTube and other Google networks to improve their sports presence but they have made it apparent they are not interested in this.

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