Snapchat Solid Blue Arrow Remains After a Text is Read

In the last months we have noticed that more and more Snapchat is showing texts that have been read as a solid blue arrow. When users read a Snapchat private text the arrow should turn from solid blue to an empty blue arrow. This is not happening in July and August of 2017 and it is confusing many people.

Have you noticed that you are seeing a solid blue arrow even when people are reading your Snapchat texts? We have tested this with two Snapchat users sitting beside each other. Even after a user that has received a text has opened it, it does not show the empty blue arrow letting the other user know their message was received and read.

Hopefully this is fixed sooner rather than later as it is causing all kinds of drama with boyfriends and girlfriends and people that have a crush on someone else.

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