Is Spill Sesh Shane Dawson Using Morgan Adams’ Voice?

Shane Dawson is the king of conspiracy theories on YouTube, so we are brining one to you about him. Yesterday we published an article highlighting the growth of the Spill Sesh YouTube Channel. If you are unaware, this is a “drama news” channel that highlights all the “tea” as it relates to beauty and makeup influencers on YouTube. The channel has gone from 188 subscribers in March 2019 to over 260k in December 2019.

Anyone getting started on YouTube knows how challenging it can be to grow a channel. How in the world did Spill Sesh go from 188 to over 260k in less than a year. There are a number of conspiracy theories on YouTube and one that makes sense is that Shane Dawson is actually running the channel and using Morgan Adams’ voice as Spilly. Note that the voice is a voice over that is through a computer, but obviously Shane Dawson has access to Morgan Adams’ voice.

There are a few videos to get more information here:

For quite some time we have surmised that most of this YouTube beauty drama is concocted by the influencers in an attempt to sell more palettes and products. There is no irony in the fact that Tati and James Charles have a huge spat right before Tati Beauty is launched.

Is anyone shocked that Jeffree Star is being extremely dramatic heading into the holiday shopping season? Shane Dawson is the king of getting views and becoming and influencer so is it the case that he has gotten this group together to stir up some drama? Not only is he stirring up this drama, but could he be promoting it with these drama news YouTube channels such as Spill Sesh?

If all of this is one big game, do you think teenagers and college students will respond negatively to all these influencers? If it comes out that Tati and James Charles were behind this the whole time, do you lose respect for them? Will you continue to buy Jeffree Star Cosmetics if this was all one big game to pull your heart strings?

If these influencers were truly hurt and upset, would they really be sharing YouTube videos? When Jeffree Star’s dogs died, he didn’t share a video for a month. When he is emotional about James Charles or another person involved with Dramageddon he is posting videos on YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram every single day. Just saying…

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