Spill Sesh YouTube Channel Growth

If you are like me and you were unaware of Dramageddon, you have no idea how popular drama in the YouTube beauty community is. There are even entire subreddits about it. One YouTube channel that has taken advantage of the thirst for this topic is Spill Sesh. “Spilly” spills the tea several times a week in a very unique way. She uses graphics and videos of popular YouTube influencers such as Olivia Jade, James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Jeffree Star and more. Her growth has been amazing. Let’s look at it in depth.

Is it possible Spill Sesh is actually Shane Dawson using Morgan Adams voice?!

Today, December 7th, 2019, Spill Sesh has 260k subscribers. She is adding between 1k and 2k subscribers a day. Her growth has been exponential since March 2019. In March, she had 188 subscribers. How crazy is that? Dramageddon and Olivia Jade really helped propel Spill Sesh’s growth.

Here are the stats:

  • March 2019 – 188 (subscribers)
  • April 2019 – 1956
  • May 2019 – 7703
  • June 2019 – 24,596
  • July 2019 – 32,947
  • August 2019 – 74,294
  • September 2019 – 117,835
  • October 2019 – 171,000
  • November 2019 – 219,000
  • December 2019 – 260,000 (As of December 7th)

With Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson and James Charles continuing their feud and the return of Olivia Jade to YouTube, Spill Sesh will likely exceed one million subscribers in late January 2020 or early February 2020. Here are the two most popular Spill Sesh videos so far:

We do find it great that she uses the X-Files theme song to start the videos. That said, she could clean up the overall vocabulary and crispness of her voice as she gains in popularity. We expect to see a significant jump in quality as she makes more money off YouTube and sponsors in 2020.

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